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Phoenix Counselling Group

Be proactive to your employees mental health. 

Why should employers invest in employee counselling?

At Phoenix Counselling Group we offer a confidential dedicated workplace counselling programme, which can be tailored to meet the needs of both the individual and the employee. Workplace counselling can boost the mental health, emotional wellbeing and productivity of employees.

Poor mental health is estimated to cost UK employers up to £42 billion a year in sick pay and other related expenses. However, the personal consequences of taking time off for a mental health problem can be devastating.


It is calculated the economic cost of failing to address mental health in the workplace. It notes the annual cost of poor mental health to employers in the UK at £33-£42 billion in sick leave, staff turnover and productivity. With the cost to the UK economy overall much higher. (Farmer Stevenson Report 2017)


As an employer providing workplace counselling for your staff can have numerous benefits including

  • Reduced sickness absence

  • Improved wellbeing for individual employees

  • Increased quality of work and productivity

  • Organisation recognised as a supportive employer by workforce

  • Line managers support Referral pathway for distressed employees therefore freeing up Management time.

​To enquire about any of the employee services we offer, please contact us for further information.

Lotus in Bloom

Our Mission

We are a Social Enterprise based in Wrexham, North Wales. We have a passion for providing mental health support to employees that need it. We are a professional workplace counselling service and we aim to help as many employees as remotely possible. ​As a social enterprise a large amount of the profits is to be reinvested into the community. 


Our mission is to make mental health accessible for everyone, we want to ensure that if you are a business,  you tackle the mental health crisis with us and help us on our journey to allow employees to live a positive life. There are already companies taking the first steps with us, and we hope that many more join us in ensuring the mental health of your employees is a priority.


There are many ways we approach mental health, as a group, we are all professionally qualified therapists who are members of the BACP, we facilitate one to one therapy sessions within businesses or within our offices. We also offer workshops that are intended to help further develop your employees and help them understand themselves and others better. The aim for this to improve the mental wellbeing of the employees who work in North Wales and North West England businesses and we hope to have a positive impact on the people we see and help them thrive in their work environment. 


We ensure that all of our clients feel valued and understood. This helps us find the right fit for your business by being able to offer a mixture of therapists with different specialities and life experiences. At Phoenix we vary in our approaches as you can read about in our "meet the team" section. 

Who's Joined The Journey?

Anon Client -

"I want to thank everybody at the group as they have helped turn my life around, I felt heard and not judged by my counsellor"
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