Meet the team

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At Phoenix we are a team that is dedicated to finding you, the business, the most appropriate help. We will make sure that your employees feel welcomed and cared for by our excellent and professional service. We ensure that each and everyone of our counsellors will do their utmost to ensure you have a positive and potentially life changing experience!  


Rhys Williams

Co-founder & Counsellor 

Hello, I'm Rhys and I'm one of the managing directors of Phoenix. 

I am a professionally trained counsellor and a member of the BACP

(British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).

We have a passion for helping businesses ensure their employees are felt heard and valued, we are wanting to make it that every employee has access to counselling in their workplace. We all have a story and that story deserves to be recognised, acknowledged and accepted. 


Personally I have had experience with a whole host of clients that have suffered from workplace anxiety and depression but are unable to access the help they needed, this as a counsellor was tough to hear.  


My special interests are clients that have traumatic backgrounds. I understand that it can be hard to talk about.  However, at Phoenix we ensure that we work at your pace and experience every step alongside you to make the process as easy as it can be. 

Chris Nelson

Co-founder & Counsellor 

My name is Chris Nelson and I am a qualified counsellor with a relaxed, non-judgemental approach. 

Trained in the person centred approach, I very much trust and believe in the individual’s innate healing potential.

I have experience in working with traumatised adults, ex-military personnel and young people and I also have a keen interest in personal development.  My practise is client lead, relaxed with a non-judgemental approach.

My specific area of expertise is therapy for depression and anxiety, therapy for childhood trauma, CPTSD and PTSD.


Sue Marriott

Alexa Young, Product Manager

A qualified BACP Therapeutic Counsellor with over a decade of working as a counsellor within the private sector, NHS and Third Sector Organisations.


Also trained as a Transition Coach with passion, empathy and an understanding of how to recognise and accept past trauma, what holds a person back and how to move forward.

Clare Douglas


Hello, my name is Clare Douglas and I’m a qualified Person Centred Counsellor. I am friendly and always make sure that my clients feel comfortable when in the room with me. I have a gentle nature and ensure that my clients feel received.


I’m a mum of two and have a passion for helping the younger generation be able to freely open up about mental health and helping them through tough times and celebrating the positive times. 


I love the outdoors, walking, music and listening to podcasts.

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