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Counselling Services

We offer a 1-1 professional counselling service.

Our counsellors are professionally qualified and are members of the BACP.


We offer a non-judgmental and confidential service to help your employees work through sensitive matters at their pace. 

Often staff members do not realise they need counselling before it becomes more serious and then they find they need to take time off;


we want to help keep your staff in work and make their mental health feel valued for you. 


Morale Booster Sessions.

Morale Booster Sessions are different from our other services. These are designed to bring happiness, and allow your staff to boost their energy and help to inspire creativity. This is done through a variety of different methods so that we can help each individual with their specific morale boosting needs. 


Active listening Workshops

This course is great for all your employees as we help them learn what it means to 'actively listen' to others. This course is great for employees in a managerial role as they often need to learn how to listen to the employees they are managing. We can offer this service to a large or small group of people and we tailor it specifically to the numbers and needs. 

This workshop is set to run around 1 hour and is ran continuously over 6 weeks. 



Personal Development

This is for employees that wants to work on themselves to help them understand who they are and how they can develop different aspects of who they are so that they can better understand their colleagues/peers and learn to accept different perspectives. This will help your workforce grow closer and help there to be more respect towards each other. 


Teamwork Sessions

These Teamwork session focus on trust and being able to communicate effectively. This can help increase team cohesion so that your workforce can work more efficiently and this can help promote a healthier work place. When your staff are able to communicate better it allows for information to flow more correctly and it allows your staff to trust in the other person to do their job.


Mental Resilience Workshops

Mental Resilience workshops - This is to help your employees be prepared for some of the challenges they may face within or outside of the workplace mental resilience can help with workplace conflicts and it can help your employees to become more mentally resilient to stress, anxiety and depression.

How Does It Work?

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How does it work?

As the business you will be able to have access to our qualified and professional counsellors. 

Once you have decided which counsellor you would like to attend each week, we then put plans in place allowing our counsellor to visit your workplace.

The sessions run on a one to one basis and allows the employee 50 minutes to release how they are feeling.

This professional service is confidential and allows the employee peace of mind that they feel safe to speak in a familiar environment. 

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Tailor made service.

Our amazing service provides flexibility to businesses. 

You can choose how often your business uses the service and we can cater from smaller businesses to large businesses. 

Some of clients use our counsellors once a week and others use the service every fortnight depending on staff needs.


We believe that the more this service becomes familiarised in the workplace we can collectively make the taboo of therapy disappear! 

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What happens after?

Some businesses encourage their employees to attend follow up sessions. 


This service we can accommodate at our offices in Wrexham, via zoom or at a safe space at your business. 

This is a service that can truly help your employees access the space and time needed to truly process what is going on for them.

This service can be discussed on a person to person basis and there would be a discounted rate for the employees that work for you!